Collagen Beauty Powder

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9 reviews for Collagen Beauty Powder

  1. Smah

    Energy level have increased for the past 5 days from using collagen beauty.

  2. Annerita

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. There is a huge improvement in my skin and hair. My skin’s texture is amazing and I have an awesome glow. Walking around very comfortably without any make up on. My hair condition improved a lot!! Its much stronger and not dry. My whole body is feeling GREAT!!

  3. Dimpho Masha

    What an amazing product. I highly highly recommend this collagen😍😍 two weeks of using it and my skin really improved, my hair and nails are stronger 👏

    I usually get tired and the joints around my legs and feet would be painful but since I started taking collagen, my body really feels better. This collagen is definitely the girl she thinks she is… I really can’t go a day without collagen sa sachet

  4. Khutso

    Currently trying out the 30 day supply and shared some with my sister to really put collagen to the test, we absolutely love how collagen boosts the metabolism, I really enjoyed incorporating some of it into my green tea and smoothies. Another thing people may be worried about is if it has a taste, I must say it barely has an after taste which I absolutely thought is so cool. What an amazing product

  5. Iman coovadia

    Currently using my beauty collagen and I have noticed such a difference! My skin is clearer, hair and nails are stronger and I have more energy.
    Would highly recommend!

  6. Tamia Biya

    I’m currently using this product, and it has so many benefits. I definitely recommend it.❤️

  7. Machabedi Nchocho

    Absolutely love how the beauty powder restored and renewed my skin.
    I really enjoyed it with Oats, Green tea or just a glass of cold water.

  8. Val

    Best experience so far. My skin is glowing, healthy and looking refreshed. It was fun adding these to new recipes and I loved that it worked so well with plant based milk. Def 5 stars all round.

  9. Maphelo Lingwati

    Oh my favorite collagen. I’ve tried other brands but collagenSA have to be my favorite. The only one that they give benefits as promised. Skin,nails and hair improvements within 1 month supply. My hairline and hair length are amazing and I don’t want any other collagen ever since I was introduced to collagen beauty. Collagen SA thank you for this amazing products💖💖💖💖💖

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This product is for your young professionals and beauty conscious customer

It assists with:

• Firms and tones loose skin
• Helps prevent wrinkles
• Reduces the appearance of stretch marks
• Improves skin hydration
• Boots metabolism
• Helps with hair follicle stimulation
• Gives energy
• Heals the gut lining

General Information:

• Gluten free
• Sugar free
• GMO free
• No preservative
• No Flavour and artificial colour
• They are unflavoured for blending into different beverages

*This product is safe for Diabetic and hypertensive patients.

Detailed information:

The product comes in a box with 30 sachet each contains 4g which is a month supply. Collagen Beauty contains marine collagen from Canada Nova Scotia. Each sachet contains 2500mg collagen

    • KR collagen: type III collagen also known as “baby collagen”, regeneration: rich in active peptides, Tenderness: boost type I and type III collagen synthesis, moisture: Elevates Hyaluronic acid synthesis gene expression, elasticity: increases elastin gene expression
    • Biotin : aids for skin nourishment, increases skin hydration and elasticity, reduces bad cholesterol amongst other benefits
    • Vitamin C: helps with the development and repair of all tissue cells
Green Acerola: Green acerola extract contains strong antioxidant power which assist in strengthening the immune system by fighting free radicals in the body Rosehip: Rich source of Vitamin C,  helps with arthritis, osteoporosis, fights acne in combination with anti-age properties and speeds up metabolism amongst other benefits



Pomegranate: contains natural antimicrobials which assist to fight bacteria and fungus in your skin such as acne bacteria


Ginger: has antibacterial properties to fight off free radicals, assist with indigestion, helps improve blood sugar levels, contacts a wide range of antioxidants that aids for healthy aging.