Healthcare affiliated for the past 9 years. A lot of the data has documented that the sub-Saharan population is exposed to premature aging and acquired health disorders due to socioeconomic reasons.

 Collagen is a very important material for structure forming material. collagen based materials have been utilized for more than 2000 years ago in the medical field by surgeons for reconstructive surgery to close wounds and repair intestines.

The total amount of collagen in the human body depends on the balance between the biological collagen synthesis and collagen degradation induced by many factors like aging, smoking, sun exposure, alcohol and inflammation.

We have partnered with an international company and created our own formula that is specific to our customer. Our manufacturing partners are accredited with the relevant regulations and supply Europe, America and Asia.


Our South African customers to be aware of the benefits of regular usage of good supplements that would avoid them having premature chronic diseases and aging.
To supply our customers with good quality products that are specifically targeted to their needs.